14 April 2015

What's in my bag?

This morning, I found myself sitting in my little office, doing the most mundane of tasks as I recover from the plague that has ripped through my body in the last week. I needed a cough drop, and my stash on the desk was gone. I reached for my purse, and dug around a bit, knowing that there had to be a cough drop in there somewhere--one does not just have the plague for a week and not have cough drops in her purse--and thus started the great purse clean out. Sadly, this is only about a month’s worth of accumulation, as this is a relatively new purse.

13 types of lip crap; my daddy’s watch; car payment coupons; 44 pens; 3 years’ worth of permanent ID badges from my kids’ school; antibacterial wipes (because kids and public toilets are never clean enough!); a lucky penny; a leather-wrapped notepad; house keys; a sensory chewy tube; 2 barrettes; 3 toothpicks; another tube of lip crap; 2 packs of gum; 2 phone charger ends; a jump drive; notes from a school board meeting; 2 prescription bottles filled with various OTC medications plus their original prescription meds; 2 packs of gum; a stick of spf 70 sunblock (tattoos!); a tube of cheap lotion from a cheap hotel; THE COUGH DROPS I WAS LOOKING FOR!!! plus a box of other cough drops that don’t work, but my daddy always got them for me when I was a kid, so I had to buy them for the sentimental side of me; 2 sample-sized bottles of my favorite essential oils; a coffee card I started while I was borrowing someone else’s car and then lost inside my purse; a business card that never made it to my wallet; my wallet (which is a whole mess of its own); a new pack of hair ties; my little hair tie case for my purse (clean hair ties FTW!...if they ever make it from the package to the case, anyway); car keys; a folio full of various sticky notes; a hair clip; and a handful of tampons off to the left.

And I wonder why my purse is so heavy.

My thoughts regarding this mess--

How, exactly, does one acquire 44 pens in one month? I mean, cool pens are one thing, but surely I have not encountered 44 new cool pens in the last month...or, well, apparently I have...but how does this happen?!

14 types of lip crap? I mean, ok, the different EOS containers appeal to my hoarder gene, but that's impressive, even for me.

The things that seemed noteworthy during that school board meeting sure were important, huh? ;)

*looks at my scaly hands* Perhaps I should refill that hotel bottle with decent lotion so it'll actually get used?

How is it possible that I can never find a hair tie, yet, there can be a full pack in my purse?

WHERE THE HECK IS MY HAND SANITIZER?!?!?!?!?! Seriously, all the crap in my purse and not a single bottle of hand sanitizer. I am getting entirely too lax if antibacterial Wet Ones are a replacement for hand sanitizer. 

Ok, back to reality now that I have found that cough drop and repacked my purse. ;)