07 February 2013

Reading List

I know, I'm a total slacker when it comes to blogging these days. I promise, I am still feeding my family, I'm just not in a bloggy place these days, I guess.

So...I thought I'd provide alternate reading material and link y'all to a bunch of the blogs that I read on a regular basis. Check them out...they are awesome.

One of the best blogs out there following the life of a family touched by Autism--and written from the Dad's perspective, which is totally refreshing!

Awesome craft blog with tons of ideas, and almost everything they make is super cheap and feature things you probably have laying around the house or can acquire for almost nothing.

This is an amazing blog written by a young lady who was diagnosed on the spectrum herself. What an amazing point of view she brings to the blogosphere!

Not your typical "mommy blog"….ok, so maybe it is, but the author manages to stay wickedly entertaining and keep me interested, so that totally gets my vote. :)

Seriously? With a name like "Rants From Mommyland," is there any question why I love this blog? The authors here go to great lengths to "keep it real" and find the humor in daily life with their kids. And they have a self-deprecating tone and know how to laugh at themselves when they pull a total mommy-fail moment…which makes me feel more normal. ;) haha!

What can I say about this blog? I've followed her from almost the beginning, and just really love her blog. She jumped into blogging as she went through a divorce and more or less blogged her feelings throughout the process. I admire her strength and courage and her blog always brings a smile to my face as she shines through the trials she faces as her new life emerges from the ashes of her marriage.

I've linked to this blog here and there all over my blog. I love her. Seriously. I met her on an online forum for military wives way back when I first married my husband 10-11 years ago (WOW!!!) and we've been online friends ever since. I love her blog and she is an awesome cook! I find myself making her recipes a couple times a month, and revisiting them over and over again. She makes wonderful spice blends all sorts of other yummy stuff. Oh and did I mention she has giveaways regularly? Yeah, she does. Go check it out. :)

I have never packed a "successful" bento…my kids are super fussy eaters, and I normally just pack leftovers for my hubby when I pack his lunch and grab a salad for myself if I'm out of the house at lunchtime….but oh how much I love to swoon over cutesy bento lunches! :)

Written by a male obstetrician who tends to take a natural attitude toward the birth process. He's snarky, he's funny, he's realistic and he offers a great perspective--one that is not often heard/seen--on the all things birth-related.

I've followed this blog forever, so a list of blogs I read would not be complete without it. Military family with 5 kids and all the excitement that goes with it. haha! Just a charming blog. :)

Executive turned New Mexico rancher….single woman doing what she wants to do and taking care of things herself. I love her. Most of her blog is about her animals, but she has quirky and down to earth insights and I just love her strength and confidence even when taking on new tasks. :)

Yeah….I read his blog. He's kind of my guilty pleasure, actually. I laugh, I get irritated at stupid people with him, and I just overall love his attitude, honestly. His Facebook page rocks, too. :)

"Peanuts" being an old nickname for the volunteer crowd in the help forums at Craigslist--aka "The peanut gallery." This blog features the weirdest, coolest, dumbest, and most interesting posts that they come across on craigslist (warning, sometimes they are offensive).

I just have no words for this blog, honestly. It's written by a mom who, after adopting a very tiny malnourished and neglected child from a country in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, I think), has made it her mission to help as many of the children from the same orphanage/institution that her daughter came from. Her family is currently in the process of adopting a son from the same orphanage.

Yeah, I just love Tanis the Redneck Mommy. What can I say? She's quirky and unique and not afraid to be herself. She's been through a lot in her life and she continues to inspire and entertain her audience. :)

(warning: language) I love this….She takes ideas from Pinterest and does them in her own uniquely "real" way and shows us all how they come out….usually hilariously awful.

Same thing…not quite as entertaining IMO, though. :)

Written by a competitive BBQ'er (BBQ'er? Yeah, I made up that word…y'all know what I mean). Awesome recipes, awesome advice. Just all around awesome.

Bakerella, creator of cake balls and cake pops…need I say more? <3<3<3<3

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