17 December 2012

Cheesecake Bark

Ya know the best thing about barks? They take like no time, and almost no ingredients, but everyone always goes nuts for them, so they make awesome gifts. This one is stupid simple because I made it with leftover cookie ingredients (haha), but like all barks, you can dress it up however you want, really.

This one is super simple as I just did a white layer, but you could TOTALLY do a chocolate layer if that floats your boat, too.

What you need:

1 bag white chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped toasted nuts (whatever you have...I had some walnuts and almonds, so I used those)
1/2 cup broken graham crackers (not crumbs, but little broken pieces...Golden Grahams would be good, too...)
2-3 TBSP Cheesecake flavored dry instant pudding mix
1-2 TBSP oil

That's it, really. You can add whatever filling you want, but try to limit it to about a cup per bag of chocolate chips--and that will be a *LOT* of stuff, so if you like less stuff and more candy, then use maybe half a cup total.

Toast the nuts, melt the chocolate, yadda yadda. Mix the chocolate with a bit of oil to make it smooth, and then mix in the pudding mix. You're best bet is to mix in the "stuff" in the bowl and then spread the whole thing out on a parchment-lined cookie sheet as thin as you can get it (use a second piece of parchment on top and smoosh it around with your hands). Let cool until hard--about 10-20 minutes in the freezer if you're in a hurry.

Variation: Want a second layer? I would melt a bag of milk or dark chocolate chips and mix the nuts in with that and then spread it out, and then put the graham crackers in the white layer with the pudding mix and immediately spread that out on top of the dark chocolate layer.

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