09 March 2011

I'm Such a Spaz....

This will probably be the first of many similar posts I make....because I really am a total space cadet/clutz/spaz/etc.

So, tonight was the first time I've made mashed potatoes since moving in to this house. Got the potatoes peeled...ran the garbage disposal...clogged the drain. Yup, I knew better than to put potato peels down the drain, did it anyway, cuz I'm a space cadet.

Got on my hands and knees, took the drain apart, cleaned it out, and reassembled it. Problem solved.

Washed my hands, cut up my potatoes, and put them in a pot of water. Brought the water to a boil, then it hit me....guess what? I have no potato masher! "HONEY GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE, QUICK!!!" My ever-loving husband was halfway out the door before I realized that I while I have not yet purchased a potato masher for my new kitchen, I HAVE purchased a hand mixer. DERRRRRRR.

And if I didn't have two filthy chairs that were just begging to be shampooed when they came out of our moving truck, I would have never purchased the $6 hand mixer from Walmart. So for that, I must thank my children, because without that $6 hand mixer, their poor father would've had to run to the dollar store up the street for a cheapy potato masher to 'save' dinner. hahaha!

I'm such a spaz...

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