09 March 2011

Why are you getting up at 0600?

Typical Wednesday. Alarm goes off (Yay for sleeping longer than the kids! *snicker*), I turn it off and lay there a minute, enjoying the 'calm before the storm'. After a few minutes of quiet, I get up, get dressed, do my hair, etc. Head back into the bedroom, warn the husband, who is still in bed, that I'm going to turn on the light, flip the light on and start grabbing clothes for the kids to wear to school.

It is only after I throw the kids' clothes on our bed that my husband chimes in 'WHY are you up at 6 am? Is there a reason for it?' ummm...DUH? "I've got to drive you to work and then come back and get the kids to school." 'No, Babe, I've got the day off.' "WHAT? It's Wednesday?! I thought you were off this weekend?" 'I am, but I'm also off today. Come back to bed.' "*grumble* You couldn't have told me this LAST NIGHT, as in, before I set my alarm? As in, while I was making your lunch for today?" 'Sorry, I thought I did.'

*Grumble* This had better not be an omen of how my day's gonna go. Hahaha! On a good note, I don't have to take the kids to school OR do their morning routine. This is going to be my husband's 'punishment' for not telling me I didn't have to get up at 6 am. *evil laugh*

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