18 March 2011

"Quick" Project

Ok, so there's nothing quick about it...especially when you sew all of the hems by hand. hahaha! But, I do love it! And it totally serves my purpose, which was to block the sunlight from coming through that window and hitting people in the living room in the face. As much as I loved how light and bright it helped make my living room, that window is about the worst-placed window I've ever had in a house. The sun comes right through it for about 4 hrs in the afternoon. Thankfully, the other two big windows in my living room let in a lot of light. :)

The photo of the fabric is from my phone, so it's a little blah and washed out. The fabrics are both slightly darker. :)

This one's a little dark, but I'm still pretty happy with the results. :)

We won't go in to how I had to balance on the barstools from the kitchen and still had to use a spatula to shove the curtain rod up that high; or how after I was up there, I dropped the curtain rod and curtain and had to beg my 7 yr old to help me get it because I didn't want to climb back down; or how I twisted my back wrong when I was climbing down. Cuz it's done. And I love it. And it was...um...worth it? *snicker*

Now...to make a matching 3 piece set for the back door, a panel for the small window in the stair way, and a valance to go over the sheers in the entry way window.


  1. Just a little tip, if you don't line those w/another layer (say, of plain muslin, on the sun side) they will FADE massively in about a year's time.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I figured the brown would fade pretty bad. Overall, the material cost me about $25...so if they fade in a year, I'll make new ones. LOL! Knowing me, I'll be tired of it by then anyhow. hah! As long as the sun doesn't come through it enough to fade the clothes on the dolls, I'm good. haha!